Why do cyber criminals do it?

Securitydemystified ransomware pic

People ask me all the time why criminals work so hard at stealing our data.  No longer is it just about some nerd in his dorm room trying to see how far he can breach a company.  Now, it is a way to make easy money.  As the article states, a $5900 investment in crypto-ransom kit generates a one month return of $90,000.  And that’s just an average!!

Here are only THREE easy things you can do to protect yourself:

  • Invest in an external hard drive.  Save all of your files to it and then DISCONNECT it.  Periodically reconnect it to backup new files, but by keeping it disconnected from the computer you connect to the Internet, you are keeping your files away from the bad guys and if you happen to fall victim to a ransomware extortion attempt, you’ll have your files protected and you won’t have to pay the money.
  • Pay attention to the reminders to install your software security patches/updates.  I know it’s annoying but it’s for your own good, so do it!!
  • Have anti-virus software on your  machine.  Not having it is like keeping the door open to your house.  You might as well have a ‘Welcome’ banner on your computer if you don’t have anti-virus software.

You can read the full article here: Why criminals do it

Why do cyber criminals do it?

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