Two-factor Authentication Explained

Two-factor picture

There is a lot of discussion around the use of two-factor authentication to better secure the websites you use.  But what is two-factor authentication?  Basically it is having to prove who you are using two different methods.  I just discovered a website where you can find out what sites have the capability to enable two-factor authentication.

I suggest that you pick your most popular site and enable this enhanced security.  See how it feels to go one extra step to better protect you from hackers.  I would guess that you will not see much of a time drain by adding the additional step.  Plus, you exponentially remove the possibility of becoming a target.  Hackers are looking for easy targets and by enabling this simple step, you are protecting yourself better than many others out there who think that it is more important to have easy access than to not get compromised.

The website can be found at  If you try it out, I would welcome any feedback!

Two-factor Authentication Explained

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