Why Big Data is Important to You

Occasionally, I will depart from security to share information that I find interesting.  Today, I would like to ask…What does Big Data mean to you?  Big Data is clearly the latest IT buzzword, but it is used to describe a ginormous amount of data so huge that it is difficult to pull the relevant information out of it.  To me, it means the start of the next generation of technology that will use data to solve real-world issues.

Rick Smolan is an author, photographer, speaker and a general Renaissance man.  I attended a conference where he spoke about his book and documentary, The Human Face of Big Data.  I’ve included a short video of his explanation of big data.  He says that we are ‘in the caveman era of big data.”  In the video, he uses a few fascinating examples of how Big Data is being used to eradicate or cure diseases.

I was told that through our increased use of Big Data, medical personnel will be able to to customize our prescriptions to our own DNA.  They estimate that our children  are going to live to be 150.  It’s an exciting time to be in IT and feel very lucky to be a part of this journey.

Big data

Why Big Data is Important to You

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